The True AI urban mobility platform


No typo here. We charge zero money for these complex tools and services.

Tranzy Fleet Core

It has all the core functionalities needed in daily operations, and it is the first logical step in the digitalization process.

The manual planning module

facilitates the entry of daily route charts, along with the planning and allocation of operational resources.

Dispatch Module

Because unplanned operations happen daily, everywhere.

Disruption & alerts module

A tool by which the Public Transport Operator can alert commuters of any disruption, schedule changes, other operational policies or the latest breaking news.

Transforms data into benefits: real-time information of arrivals, route optimization, easy trip planning, all with a feedback loop from citizen to operator.

Open Data Portal

Key resources that motivate all the stakeholders to engage in social innovation actions and stimulate constructive competition by building new data-driven solutions

Right-on-point mobility solutions

Specific solutions mobility related, ready to be purchased, based on our advanced expertise and the open data available.

Currently developing

Intelligent Timetable Generator

Timetable creation using historical and real time data processed by’s platform


GPS tracking data is critical to all the functionality on the platform. No need for an operator to purchase GPS trackers, but to contract a service from a supplier that is accountable for the quality of service.

Public Open Data Live Map – iframe

The best example of how the Public Open Data can be used to provide actual benefits to the general public. Embed this iframe easily into your website now.

Passenger Information System (PIS) inStation

with audio accesibility feature for visually impaired people (optional)

Passenger Information System (PIS) inBus

Mobility Street Furniture - with integrated IoT components/sensors

We see the specific mobility street furniture  being used not only as shelters or information points for commuters, but as hubs for integrated technology – data sensors, air quality sensor, beacons, wifi routers, PIS InStation and so on for all kind of different scenarios: gather of traffic data, monitor air quality in the area, increase accessibility for commuters, dynamic real time information and so on Stations Timetables Route Stats

Get advanced statistics for vehicle commercial speed and time spent in commercial services for each bus on each route, for each day of the week and each hour of the day

That’s just a glimpse of what we can offer

Contact’s commercial team for additional solutions aligns with the European Commission’s practices and recommendations regarding transportation and urban mobility, as highlighted by the Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport (DG MOVE) in the New EU Urban Mobility Framework (COM/2021/811). With the prospect of large-scale automation of mobility in Europe, enables the creation and open access to a multimodal network that serves citizens’ interests by intelligently connecting mobility solutions to the platform and by using innovative artificial intelligence on open data.