The True AI urban mobility platform

The route to intelligent cities

crafted by Romanian developers partners the local authorities and the public transport operators for more efficient, accessible & equitable mobility services, providing the tools needed to turn mobility data into action and better practice.

Involved and taking benefits in the process:


local authorities

public transport operators

3rd party mobility apps & providers

Our core smart mobility services

No typo here. We charge zero money for these complex tools and services.

Tranzy Fleet Core

It has all the core functionalities needed in daily operations, and it is the first logical step in the digitalization process.

The manual planning module

facilitates the entry of daily route charts, along with the planning and allocation of operational resources.

Dispatch Module

Because unplanned operations happen daily, everywhere.

Disruption & alerts module

A tool by which the Public Transport Operator can alert commuters of any disruption, schedule changes, other operational policies or the latest breaking news.

Transforms data into benefits: real-time information of arrivals, route optimization, easy trip planning, all with a feedback loop from citizen to operator.

Open Data Portal

Key resources that motivate all the stakeholders to engage in social innovation actions and stimulate constructive competition by building new data-driven solutions


The power of open data is


We have the propper tools so that the authorities can adopt healthy smart city policies now, providing what the public transport operator needs to manage, operate and analyse large amounts of transportation data and insights.

Highly Efficient

Even small non-metropolitan cities can gain valuable insights into transportation patterns, monitor performance, and make data-driven decisions that improve efficiency of their public transportation systems.

Very Open-minded makes it easy for cities to share available data with third-party developers and partners, enabling new innovations, features and solutions for a more accessible, reliable and sustainable public transportation. It’s collective intelligence for the benefit of us all. At the same time, it is constructive competition at its finest.

It’s all wonderful, but where’s the money coming from?

Right-on-point mobility solutions

Specific solutions mobility related, ready to be purchased, based on our advanced expertise and the open data available.

Who’s who and why

It makes sense

We are a team who began our journey in Iași, Romania, inspired by the goal of witnessing, promoting and acting towards positive change. We specialize in software development and best practices for public transportation, continually improving our ability to deliver solutions powered by open data for urban mobility and smart cities. Find out more about us & our dream!

We believe digitalisation doesn’t mean just using a computer instead of pen and paper, but understanding, fixing and adapting operational processes of the public transport operators and the Municipalities, so that computers will actually help solve problems for us all.

Our platform helps public transport operators and the city managers to make daily informed decisions, based on real time data, the essence of a digitalisation process.

Whether you're a enthusiastic citizen, a city manager, a data scientist, or a software developer willing to do good, provides the tools you need to turn mobility data into action and better practice.

Read More Read Less is young and needs your support

We’re not gonna lie: It will hiccup, as what we’re doing is extremely challenging. It’s a new way of understanding and doing things, just like a baby feels discomfort of acquiring new skills. It will get better every day because you have a say in it, by providing constant and constructive feedback. We all want the same thing: to thrive as societies. Without you, it can’t be done.

Questions? Feedback? Proposals? What else is important for you? Send your ideas to our team.

Our story & our dream

If you accidentally got the chance of making things better, would you take it?

We sure did. 16 years ago we weren’t looking to create, but to offer better and more relevant content for our in-bus DOOH network. One thing led to another, and we saw ourselves understanding the complex processes behind operating public transportation and as a result building complex Software as a Service tools, that kept on growing and performing better than expected.

Willing to see if we can improve city life in a familiar environment, we started with local learnings, experiments and feedback.

Today, is being implemented, experienced and providing mobility data to cities like Cluj-Napoca, Iași, Chișinău, Botoșani and soon in Brașov.

Andrei - our vision for A.I.

Andrei is our plan for a True AI solution, our version of Iron Man’s J.A.R.V.I.S., if you will.

We see a future where Andrei will be responsible for automatic planning & management of the resources, in charge for transportation demand modelling, automation and improvement of the processes and all those hard tasks that once checked and daily rechecked, will make the public transport operators and the municipalities to be as fit and efficient towards it’s duties to it’s citizens.

Andrei is using platform and your constructive feedback to learn, through trial and error, assimilation and accommodation. Just like a baby, going through a long but wonderful growth process.

Andrei needs your constructive feedback aligns with the European Commission’s practices and recommendations regarding transportation and urban mobility, as highlighted by the Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport (DG MOVE) in the New EU Urban Mobility Framework (COM/2021/811). With the prospect of large-scale automation of mobility in Europe, enables the creation and open access to a multimodal network that serves citizens’ interests by intelligently connecting mobility solutions to the platform and by using innovative artificial intelligence on open data.